• What is Cloud Hosting & How is it different from Traditional Web Hosting?

    Web hosting is the technique of utilizing a server to host a website. This hosting service enables a webpage or a website to go live on the internet thereby making it visible to all the internet users. This is called traditional web hosting. In case of cloud hosting, a cluster or a group of servers is used to host a website. This means, through cloud hosting, a website is supported by more than one server.

    Differences between Cloud Hosting and Traditional Web Hosting
    Cloud computing and hosting have become an integral part of Information Technology industry. Now let us have a look at the differences between cloud hosting and traditional web hosting and the advantages of cloud computing over normal web hosting.

    1. With cloud hosting, as the website is hosted by more than one server, there are very little chances for the site to encounter a crash or other such server-related problems. When it comes to normal web hosting, the site is hosted by only one server and might face issues with security features and load balance. Siteground Cloud hosting is high on performance and reliability. Read more for details on their cloud hosting plans.

    2. Traditional web hosting has certain limitations which could restrict the expansion of the website. When a website is hosted by several servers, it has more scope for expansion and faces lesser problems.

    3. One of the major advantages of cloud hosting is that it is a relatively cheaper option when compared to traditional web hosting. The cloud hosting companies charge the users only for every use which means, quantity of the computing power is the only factor that is considered. Unlike traditional web hosting, you do not have to reserve power for server. You may avail discounts on Cloud hosting solutions provided by Bluehost at www.celebrateall.org/hosting-coupons/bluehost.

    4. With the use of cloud technology, resources can be distributed more quickly and effectively. This means, when you use cloud hosting method, you do not have to worry about the risk of going past your traffic limit. Instant scalability and elasticity of this type of hosting makes it a better option than traditional web hosting.

    5. In case of traditional web hosting, the services can prove to be expensive for you. On the other hand, cloud servers let you perform tasks such as restoration, backups, scaling, monitoring, firewalls and private networking with more ease. You can easily manage your servers. Learn about Godaddy hosting plan here.

    6. Unlike the traditional hosting servers, cloud hosting servers take few minutes to configure and deploy your server once you choose the package and software.

    When you choose to use cloud hosting servers to host your site, you will be able to mix and match different technologies. With many advantages it offers, cloud hosting is definitely a better option than traditional web hosting. In the recent years, it has become very important to have a well-maintained website for every business to sustain the competition. When you choose to host your site through cloud servers, you are sure to have a site that can never go down and thereby attract more traffic to your site. Reports suggest that new startups are opting for cloud hosting technologies as they are cheaper and give better results. To get discounts and deals on hosting services provided by Hostpapa, visit www.intairnet.org/hosting-coupons/hostpapa/.

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